Germany has been having problems with the Refugee resettlement in their country. Although Germany and its President, Angela Merkel, were one country that showed willingness to allow refugees to use their country as a home, recently far-right groups have been fighting back. Even people within Merkel’s political party are beginning to have feelings against the immigrants. This has led her to put forth her beliefs in banning veils that cover the whole face wherever possible. She did admit that Germany shouldn’t be so lax in allowing so many immigrants into their country and that this country would be more careful in the future. She also promised her people that Sharia law would never become German law. Many people enthusiastically supported her recently stated stances on immigration. Merkel has previously talked about her views on veils keeping new women in the country from getting fully invovled in the German country and culture. However, given the strong feelings of many people including some Christian groups against the veil, it seems like laws will change. Her bid for reelection likely could also be influencing her choices. She has been nominated by her party to run again, and she has been highly critisized by her handle on the refugee problem. Migration to the country has significantly declined after most of the refugees have been sent to Turkey.

It is interesting to see how politics and fear take a strong stance in so many countries beyond the United States. Merkel mentioned in her speech that the recent US elections would make things difficult in the future. The American President-to-be could make certain international relations less sure. As Americans, we have seen how the country has turned to a candidate that was not a part of the system and has strong views against immigration and the Muslim community. These feelings seem to be in other countries and areas around the world. This will influence the future of international communities and cooperation. Fear and distrust will lead to disunity. I personally was excited when I heard about Germany doing so much to help refugees from the conflict in Syria; however, it is disheartening to see that probably because of politics, leaders will have to shut down their borders at a time when we need to be more accepting. I can say this because I haven’t been as strongly influenced by refugees as people in Germany have. What can we do to ensure that refugees are taken care of, but also that the residents of countries like Germany are safe? Will banning the full head veil really make a difference? It might placate the people enough to get her reelected, but what will it do to the country in the long run?

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