There is a common saying in American culture: “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” While America has understood this principle for many years, Saudi Arabia has struggled to build a culture that promotes entertainment. Conservative religious movements, combined with laser-focused attention on the oil industry, has stunted the growth of an entertainment industry that has blossomed in neighboring countries instead.

I feel that the entertainment industry has a role in any culture. Even in ancient civilizations, there were festivals, events, or entertaining groups to unburden the cares that people feel everyday. If this article is accurate in saying that Saudi Arabian citizens are simply going to other countries for entertainment outlets, then Saudi Arabia is missing out on a great opportunity to build their economy and transform its global image into something new. Preserving their religious values in this will be a challenge, but I think it is important that they find more ways to promote industry and vitality in their country.

Link to Wall Street Journal article