25israel-superjumboPhoto credit: New York Times

Back to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict! The new president is a game changer.

Israel feels comfortable making bolder moves after Trump promised to support Israel no matter what. Despite it the danger of destroying the two-state peace solution, Israel is eagerly pursuing settlement building in the Palestinian’s West Bank. It seems that with the new government leaders, the process of expansion will accelerate.Obviously, Israel is relieved because the tension during Obama’s eight years as president is vanishing quickly. They are hopeful that this is the beginning of much building on their homeland again. However, many are arguing that they are taking advantage of the political situation in a very unfair and irresponsible way.The article describes the goal to create a “common vision,” but after so much struggle, I believe it will be very difficult to cease the defensive behavior coming from both sides. However, it appears that for better or for worse, there will be less talk and more action at least from Israel. What will be the consequences of such rapid increase of settlement? Will Trump’s strong attitude towards the situation change or affect our relationship with Palestine?

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