24newsletter-top-master675-v2Today, January 25 2017, President Trump is set to visit the Department of Homeland Security and sign an executive order appropriating funds for the building of a 2,000 mile wall along our southern border with Mexico. The great and beautiful wall was a staple of the Trump campaign, and the President is making good on his promise to build that wall. The wall is estimated to cost around “$6.5 million per mile to build a single layer fence, and an additional $4.2 million per mile for roads and more fencing.” The grand total of the wall could reach 14 billion some experts say. This announcement comes alone with a variety of other immigration changes being made in an effort to secure our borders and increase our national security. However, in recent years the net flow of immigrants from central and south america into the United States has been less than zero. If those states are true, then why the wall?

There is a massive backlash by house and senate democrats, and even some republicans gawking at the potential $14 billion proposal. It is unfortunate that the first few days of Trumps Presidency will be filled with tearing down long built and nourished relationships with foreign countries and effectively working to destroy the very thing this nation is made up of, immigrants. Not only did he announce to crack down on illegal immigrants, but plans to dispose of programs put in place to protect some legal immigrants as well. President Trump still has no outline for how the wall will be funded, but continues to insist that Mexico will pay for the wall even if it is done after the wall has been constructed. Mexican President Peña Nieto plans to visit Washington at the end of the month to discuss a myriad of things, including immigration. Until then we must wait and see how President Trump moves forward with his plans.


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