When I saw this come up on CNN the other day, I was pretty surprised that it is yet again in the news. Personally, I think it is unfortunate that after so long and so many people opposing it, the new president can go in and change decisions so quickly. With the Dakota Access Pipeline specifically, the way it stood at the end of the protests seemed to be the most realistic and mutually beneficial solution. The pipeline could still be built, the Army Corps of Engineers just said it would look for an alternate route. After all of the difficulties Native Americans have experienced, it seems like a small price to pay to alter the route of the pipeline.

On a broader perspective, though, it is shocking how much Donald Trump has been able to undo in a few short days. Although the legality of it is unquestionable, it does not seem to promote unity in the country to destroy such a significant part of the legacy of President Obama over the past few years. It is understandable if there are better solutions to health care problems for example, it makes perfect sense to change the health care system President Obama supported. However, getting rid of it altogether seems to only create grief between the two parties. Transitions now and in the future would be much smoother if the incoming president would respect the work of his/her predecessor and build off of that, changing and improving if needed, instead of completely destroying work supported by the president and a large part of the party.