Days up to his inauguration, the New York Times covered accusations of Russian interference in the election. After days of defending it wasn’t Russia, Trump conceded that Russia had indeed carried out cyberattacks against the Democratic and Republican parties. There was also rumors that they had collected blackmail against him, it was rumored they had a video of Trump engaging in scandalous activities in a Moscow hotel. After being asked about it multiple times, Trump finally conceded and told reporters he thought it was Russia but he still had his doubts, claiming “it could have been others.”

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While most of the rumors have not been confirmed, I think it is very likely that Russia hacked the two parties during the election. Of the two nominees, Trump was the most friendly to Russia claiming that him and Putin would be “great friends.” Russia had an invested interest in Trump being the winner and it will be interesting to see what the relationship between the United States and Russia will be during this presidency. That begs another question: is Trump going to make our relationship with Russia better or will he plunge us into another Cold War?