Building a wall between Mexico and the United States has long been a part of Donald J Trump’s presidential campaign, but many believed he would not actually get the opportunity to do so. This issue is among many others today, including whether or not to keep Guantanamo Bay open and whether or not to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. This is done to ensure national security and to crack down on illegal aliens, but consequences to international relations should be considered before this project is taken on. It isn’t just illegal immigrants being targeted, either. Trump is expected to begin targeting legal immigrants as well through disposing of programs that grant them refuge and by increasing screening procedures.

I think there will be many negative outcomes to building a wall on the US-Mexico border. Despite the fact that people will still find a way through the wall, I believe that immigration no matter who it is by should be welcomed by the United States, and that we should not be trying to seal our borders. Immigrants are still a part of this nation, and we should be trying to help the people in the world who do not live with as much freedom as we might who wish to come live here. Why deny someone these freedoms on the basis of where they are born?