Since the inauguration of Donald J Trump, citizens and people all over the world have kept their eyes and ears open to see if change was really going to come. Less than a week after being called into office, President Trump has already made some big plans, promises, and threats. One of these threats made throughout the Trump campaign involved illegal immigrants and immigration laws. Wall street journal reports Trump is now signing two executive orders on immigration today. Talk about moving fast.

What does this mean?

For the Republicans and Trump Supporters: This action really shows initiative towards his election campaign, that he really wants to prioritize the problems he talked about in 2016.

For the Democrats and Trump Protesters: Trump is going to do what he promised; does that mean acceptance? More protests?

This article from WSJ was breaking news so not a lot of information has been posted, however we do know that these are the two executive orders:

*One Order Will Call for ‘a Large Physical Barrier’ on Border With Mexico

*President to Restore ‘Secure Communities’ Program to Force Local Law Enforcement Cooperation

These two orders could actually make a huge difference in the next four years, not just because of what they consist of, but because it shows the initiative of the Trump Administration.

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