In contrast to last weeks Womens’ March on Washington, women once again gathered to advocate and promote their beliefs. This time the crowds gathered for an Anti-Abortion March on Washington. Although the crowds were much lower than the previous week’s march, the crowd was animated and ready to promote pro-life. In previous years important figures have come to start up the rally, this year being the first Vie President to speak at the march- Mike Pence. Although Trump wasn’t there he tweeted his support to the group as well. The Womens’ Pro-Life rally consistently gets much less media than any other Pro-Choice rallies; however, with the support of both President and VP the media caught on and advocated their cause. Last week’s Women’s March platformed for Pro-Choice leaving many Pro-Life supporters behind. Although having the VP and President support this Pro-Life rally meant resistance by other communities, it evened the ground again for these two separate classes of Women’s Rights Advocates.

Being the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Congress often works through legislation abortion and pro-life subject based. This support by the VP and President, plus the fact that the house and senate are Republican, should really affect society and especially any kind of legislation in support of pro-life.