Canada, a country lately known for its reputation of welcoming refugees from Syria and other parts of the world, recently experienced a devastating shooting at a mosque in Quebec City, where at least six people were confirmed as dead. Although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has demonstrated his support for accepting Muslim refugees, many Canadian citizens have expressed their opposition to Muslims and Islam in general. Indeed, the number of anti-Muslim threats and attacks has gradually increased over the past year and many Muslims are beginning to feel unsafe in Canada. I believe what Canada is doing to welcome refugees is something to be applauded, especially in light of our own president’s executive order temporarily  banning refugees and immigrants from several predominantly Muslim countries. I also condemn the anti-Muslim shooting that recently took the lives of several innocent, good people simply exercising their right of religion. We must ask ourselves, “What does this event mean for the future of Canada?” “Are people so terrified of Islamic extremism and terrorism that they themselves resort to terrorism to kill moderate Muslims?” While I do not sympathize with the Quebec City assailants, perhaps what they did was out of fear that a small percentage of the refugees arriving actually are Islamic extremists who could potentially pose a threat to Canada’s safety. The entire event begs the question of whether it’s better to completely seal off borders to not allow anyone in. Personally, I believe that whether a country allows immigration or not, it’s still going to experience terrorist attacks like these. There are still people already within the country who are simply waiting for the right moment to make their move. On the other hand, Israel’s border wall and ban on immigration are good examples of how the country has managed to remain relatively safe despite being surrounded by its enemies. Only time will tell what Canada decides to do about the anti-Muslim attacks.


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