As the U.S. policies on immigration and refugees are changing, some people continue to bring this up, that Christian refugees should be let in first because they are in more danger. While it is true that Christians are targeted by terrorist groups, they are not the only ones in need of protection.

Of all of the ridiculous things Trump has said in the past year and a half, this is one of the most frustrating for me. First of all, he honestly does not care. If he did, he would not ban all refugees for the next 90 days. He just said things while campaigning that he thought would get him elected and now he wants to be a hero by following through on awful promises. Second, how do we plan on proving what religion a person adheres to? Are we next going to let people in based on their level of faithfulness and belief? Finally, who says Christian lives matter more than Muslim lives? That is absurd, our nation was founded with the freedom of religion, the freedom from discrimination based on a religion. Refugees of all religions need help, it should not be about religion, it should be about being decent human beings and giving refuge and protection to those who are running away from abusive governments and the threat of terrorist groups. Do we want Muslims who feel forgotten and abandoned to feel like their only option is to join a terrorist group? Absolutely not. We need to help as many refugees as possible, with no regard to their religion. First and foremost, refugees are human beings, people with hope and goals. So many people came to America because their opportunities were limited because of their religion being different from the majority. We should realize that now and help refugees, no matter what religion they identify with.