Photo credit: The New York Times

President Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates last night after she issued a statement instructing Justice Department lawyers not to defend the President’s executive order on banning travel and refugees. He called her a “traitor” to the administration for going against his order and replaced her with Dana Boentes, who will work in the interim between now and the confirmation of Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee for AG.

I think this is an interesting side effect of President Trump’s business experience and background and especially his notorious managerial style on The Apprentice. Granted, I’m not that old, but I haven’t really seen a precedent for just up and firing someone in your administration or cabinet that disagrees with you. I understand that Yates was an Obama appointee and would likely soon be replaced anyways, but I wonder if Trump took this one more as a personal slight than a political move and responded likewise.

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