Now is a time that is difficult for many women. It seems as though we often go two steps forward and then a step back. While we may feel that we are regressing in our rights, it can be helpful to look towards a bright light from the past. Mary Landon Baker was a socialite and heiress of the 1920s, but she did not let society pressure her into conforming to a life she did not want. Despite being proposed to a rumored 65 times, she never married. Her love of life was abundant and contagious and she was free. She made the choices that she wanted for the reasons she wanted despite its oddity for the time. She was written off as “shy” even though her lifestyle showed she clearly was not in order to avoid recognizing her as strong and independent. Women have always needed to stand firm for what they believe, and I am glad we can recognize role models like Mary Baker, who didn’t need spousal support to have a wonderful life. Strong women will always show us independence, even in the hard times, and it is to them that we should look for courage.