Photo credit: Dan Baliltey for The New York Times


With the election of Trump, there has been more talk of annexation of a settlement just outside of Jerusalem, but located in the West Bank. The West Bank is full of tension between the Israelis and Palestinians. What makes this settlement different from others found in the West Bank is its placement. It is very close to Jerusalem and many people consider themselves part of Israel proper. The election of Trump has many thinking that because there has been a massive change in America, that will cause a change for Israel.

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Tensions have always been high in Israel and annexation of settlements could cause violence to erupt. I don’t know if annexing this settlement to Israel proper is a good idea mostly because of the reaction of the countries surrounding it. With Tump’s presidency it will be interesting what the relationship between the United States and Israel. While Israel wouldn’t be a country if it wasn’t for the United States, Trump hasn’t conformed to what the United States has typically practiced in the past. I think it is completely possible that Trump could  withdraw his support from Israel which could cause a massive change in the Middle East.