After meeting with President Trump on Friday, British Prime Minister Theresa May faced serious criticism from citizens of her country. Many argued that May had taken too-friendly a stance with Trump, who has been widely regarded by Brits as ill-suited to be the Leader of the Free World. The backlash was so widespread that it was brought up in a debate in Parliament.

I do think many leaders now find themselves in a hard place–how closely to they align themselves with President Trump? Maintaining relations with the largest world power and securing their countries’ interests are certainly their main priorities (as pointed out in the Parliament debate). However, as May has seen, leaders risk losing both credibility and popularity back home if they get too close to the widely disliked president.

It will be interesting to see how American foreign relations progress (or regress) moving forward. President Trump has openly campaigned with an “America First” platform–how our allies and other world leaders react to his brash policies will certainly be a point of interest.

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Photo: Stephen Crowley / The New York Times