Following the executive order on immigration signed by President Trump last Friday, many Americans have expressed their concern over the aggressive new policy. In the days following the executive order, a dissent letter has been circulated through the State Department’s foreign service collecting more than 1,000 signatures formally disagreeing with President Trumps new immigration policy. Many who have signed the letter have come forth saying they will in no way disobey the executive order, but rather used the dissent letter to express their concerns over the order and even offer alternative policy options. Others are using the dissent letter to express concerns over Trumps overall treatment of the State Department following a statement made by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer after he said they can “either get with the program or get out,” referring to State Department employees.

In the days following Trumps inauguration, we have seen millions of people here in the United States and around the world taking to social media and the streets to protest much of what Trump has already done. What many of us didn’t expect to see was protest coming from within the federal government itself. While this is not the first formal dissent letter that has circulated the State Department, it has received far more signatures than any other dissent letter in recent years. While it is still unclear the profound and possibly devastating effects the new immigration policy will have on immigrants and our nations foreign policy, diplomats hope to use this letter as a vehicle to influence positive change in the new immigration policy.

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