Already angry over the visa ban, Iran now has one more thing to worry about– escalated tension over a missile test conducted in the country. In Tehran, a warning was made by Prime Minister Javad Zarif just a day after Iran was accused of having violated a United Nations Security Council resolution. Tensions rose when Nikki R. Haley, U.S. ambassador, warned that the United States would not stand by. However, Iranian officials said not to make missile tests an excuse for further tension, and among other things discredited the executive order made by President Trump in regards to immigrants.

President Trump’s foreign relation skill is being put to the test, and it remains a question as to whether or not he will be up to the task with tensions over terrorism and national instability abundant over the globe. With the immigrant ban put in place, it may cause nations affected by the ban to act out in defense of their country’s reputation. Like Iran, now conducting missile tests and catalyzing even more tension internationally.