Photo credit: New York Times 

Mississippi State University has been experiencing serious tension since President Donald Trump announced the visa ban on Iran and six other countries. The most shocking part of the hostile and inconsiderate remarks that Iranians are facing now is that they initially felt so welcome and respected in their new home. Iranian students and professors have complained about blatant comments about how the ban is a good idea and ignorant comments made about how all Iranians are terrorists. After receiving a quality education from Mississippi State, most students planned to work here in the United States in order to “give back,” but instead, they’re being kicked out. The big idea may seem like a valid safety precaution, but when we look at the daily effects of these political decisions, we should be majorly concerned. So many people left their countries in order to escape beliefs and politics that they didn’t believe in. Is it fair for us to turn our backs on them just because they were born in that country? These are our peers, leaders, and friends. Don’t they deserve more support after all they have contributed to society?

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