Yesterday Bill O’Reilly called Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, a killer- and the Kremlin is not happy. Spokesperson Dmitri S. Peskov said the accusation was” unacceptable, insulting” and expects an apology from Fox News. O’ Reilly made this remark during an interview with President Trump who has said again and again that he respects Putin and plans to work with him to fight ISIS and “Islamic terrorism all over the world”.

It is distressing to hear the President of the United States make comments like “you think our country’s so innocent” on national television. Which was his only response to O’Reilly’s disruption of President Putin. There is a lot of worry that President Trump will become a sort of puppet for Putin and this ever present support is not exactly reassuring. Islamic terrorism is also the only kind he vows to combat as if the only acts of terror done in this world are committed by Muslims.