Soon after the inauguration, a Dutch comedy show put out a video that argued that if America is first, the Netherlands should be second. The video highlights well-known parts of Dutch culture, as well as controversial aspects that are in line with some of the ridiculous and offensive things Trump has said. After the huge response to the Netherlands’ video, other European countries decided to join in. It’s made for a hilarious competition to see who gets to be second.

On a more serious note though, it shows how ridiculous many Europeans think our new President is and how the respect of other countries for the U.S. has decreased. Furthermore, like both the Netherlands and Denmark joke at the end, Europe has a great dependency on the U.S. through NATO and if the U.S. pulls away from NATO, it will be a big problem for Europe. So enjoy the videos, but just realize that these are a perfect example of Dutch and European humor, with more than a little truth behind them.