Once again the President has taken to Twitter and other media outlets to complain about how and what news is reported. Most recently, he has attacked the “unfair media” for neglecting to report sufficiently on recent terrorist attacks around the world, giving much more attention to protests and other less important things. In a speech given to reporters in Florida yesterday, he failed to back up his claims by merely stating that the media “has its reasons, and you understand that.” Unfortunately, most of us do not understand what he means by that, especially after the White House released a list of attacks they believed didn’t receive enough media attention. This list included the attacks in Paris, Nice, Brussels, San Bernardino and Orlando, all events that were covered for weeks on end following each attack.

It is unfortunate that the President must validate his foreign policy and national security decisions by trying to blame the public’s lack of understanding on the media. He wants to portray a picture of America, riddled with terror where people cannot even live out their lives for fear of being subject to terrorist threats to prove his decisions, mainly the travel ban, will protect our nation. However, the statistics show that on average only around 8 Americans are killed by terrorist activity in the United States every year, while more than 14,000 are killed by gun violence and around 40,000 killed by car accidents. I fully support protecting out nation from any terrorist threat, but the President must see how is actions are affecting Americans and the world.

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