Looks like this just has started releveling more leaders involved in corruption. The Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht has been working in many of south American countries for years. Many of its concessions in these countries were made corrupting leader at all levels. They even had a specialized department dedicated to bribing government officials. Apparently, Odebrecht constructed this illegal system in Brazil and they exported into other countries where they found a fertile soil to implant its scheme. Giant infrastructure contracts have been made using this illegal system and where the price of these constructions were doubled to its real price. Many former presidents are involved and one of them whom this week will be requested the precautionary imprisonment is Alejandro Toledo, former President of Peru during 2001-2006. He was accused of receiving millions in bribes. Colombian current president also might have received one millions of dollars for his 2014 presidential campaign. This mega investigation keeps going involving more leaders whom once were the figures of change into a new democracy. Corruption seems unending and unavoidable when in power.