Recent activity in Yemen is leading Saudi Arabia and other middle-eastern nations to believe the Trump-Administration is planning on intervening with Iran and their gun/trade influences. Most recently  a USS Cole Destroyer was seen patrolling the Yemeni coast, and only a few weeks ago the US ops jointly raided an Al-Qaeda unit with the UAE.

Iran is currently in gun trading deals with the Houthis ( a rebellious militant group in Yemen) and Al-Qaeda. Our small activities in Yemen are bringing about questions if this influence is going to increase and become the first big project for Trump while in office. Analysts think intervening between Iran and these militant groups will cause little back blow, however others believe involving the US with an international gun war in the middle east with their sworn enemy- Al-Qaeda will only lead to more resistance and violence.

Adam Baron, Yemen specialist at the European Council on Foreign Relations think tank said, “For the U.S., It is also hard to take a muscular approach in Yemen without it backfiring somewhere.” I would have to agree with Adam Baron, although the US has the ability to intervene, there are to many hot pressure points in the middle east we don;t want to interfere with, including: the Iranian Nuclear Crisis, the Relations with Syria and Russia, and the bonds the Al-Qaeda and Houthis have.