On February 13 President Trump asked for the resignation of former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Flynn has been under investigation since around the time of Trump’s inauguration due to a phone call he had with a Russian ambassador. He was initially brought under investigation on the chance that he violated the Logan Act, “which prohibits private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments in disputes with the United States.” Flynn maintained that his conversations had nothing to do with Russian sanctions, but the F.B.I now knows that to be false. Sean Spicer announced that while the White House fully assessed the situation and found the Flynn was innocent of allegations, but was asked to resign because he violated the President’s trust.

It is concerning to read things like this and see corruption going on in our government. However, this action might comfort Americans who saw President Trump as getting too close to Russia. The sanctions allegedly discussed by Michael Flynn were put in by the Obama administration and some thought that since Trump seems to be willing to form a better relationship with Russia these embargoes might be lifter in the near future. Instead these talks seemed to be a bit premature and the firing of Mr. Michael Flynn might be making Russia a little uneasy.