When the Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) tested more nuclear missiles this weekend, President Donald Trump was at Mar-a-Lago, a resort owned by Donald Trump in Florida. As National Security officials present with the President received news about the missile tests, they shared details with Trump as well as the Japanese Prime Minister, who was Donald Trump’s guest for the weekend. Other guests were able to see this and one even took pictures and then shared them on social media. The same guest shared a picture with the man who carries the ‘nuclear football’ while at the resort.

First of all, this event seems very careless by President Trump as well as his advisors and aides. Although all members of the resort have security clearance, they definitely do not have clearance to see or hear sensitive material that concerns national security. Allowing members of the resort to see this and take pictures is irresponsible and could put national security at risk.

Furthermore, I was reading a different article discussing Donald Trump’s trips to Mar-a-lago. He has gone twice in the four weeks he has been president, despite promising to be in Washington as much as possible. Each trip costs hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars. In addition, members of the club can take pictures with Donald Trump and members of his administration. Since Donald Trump’s foundation still benefits from this, it seems to be taking advantage of his office to make increased revenue.