Becoming the President of the United States affects everything within your family, including the time you spend with them, their privacy, and as we’re now observing, their passions.

The well-known department store, Nordstrom recently cut Ivanka Trump’s clothing line from the list of brands sold on their website. While Nordstrom claims they base their business decisions on selling performance, it’s obvious there’s more than a lack of fashion  interest going on. This problem stems from a social issue rooted in America’s politics.

If you examine the relationship history of Ivanka Trump’s company and Nordstrom, you find a seemingly healthy support free of bias. Of this relationship, Nordstrom announced back in November 2016, “We hope that offering a vendor’s products isn’t misunderstood as us taking a political position, we’re not.”

Fast forward to February 2017 when Nordstrom subtly decreased their inventory of Ivanka Trump’s brand. This issue makes me wonder, is it fair that the family members of an unpopular leader such as Trump suffer in their personal lives, or is this part of the contract the President and therefore his family agreed to?

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