Pharmaceutical prices have been increasing rapidly in recent years, and Marathon Pharmaceuticals LLC is the most recent company to drastically increase the price of a formerly affordable drug. Most users can import the drug from other countries for $1200-$1600. While the drug, deflazacort, has been used for many years, it hasn’t been available in the US. Marathon has increased the price close to seventy-fold, and it is one more Jenga block moved onto an already teetering tower of pharmaceutical company exploits. Just recently, EpiPen prices jumped, which led to public outcry. Before that, private investors purchased drug rights and then began selling them at hundreds of percent increases.

While Marathon and other drug companies argue that this pricing is necessary, I think this is creating a downward spiral that is not taking the industry anywhere good. These companies argue that in between health insurance, research and development, and licensing fees, they are barely collecting any profit. This is an exaggerated claim, and I predict that this industry will become even more rigorously regulated in coming years. For all those who need deflazacort, I’m sorry for the headache this caused you.


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