The responses to President Trump’s travel ban has been extensively debated and analyzed in the media since he made the order. Many of those attempting to enter the United States with Muslim or immigrant backgrounds coming from one of the seven banned nations or across the southern border from Mexico have been interviewed and followed; this has allowed the American populace to get a firsthand view at the personal effects this executive order has had. However, there has not been a significant amount of coverage regarding Canadians, America’s northern neighbor, who have responded with much concern.

Canadian Muslims have been stopped and turned away upon attempting to drive across bridges that cross the border while on their regular commutes. These accounts and those of illegal American immigrants have been circulated throughout Canada. Canadians are concerned that the American border officials are taking Trump’s travel ban too seriously despite the fact that the order has been suspended by the US courts.

Two out of three Canadians live within about 60 miles of the American border, so this ban has significantly affected their daily activities. Citizens say, “It is like 9/11 all over again,” they are “excluded from the United States.” Though American officials have attempted to reassure Canadians that there will be no arbitrary stops regarding racial profiling and that border officials will “adhere to the highest standards of professionalism,” the citizens of Canada are worried nonetheless.