Ruthless, irrational, and paranoid about his own regime, the dictator of North Korea has once again murdered a member of his own family. A few years ago an uncle of Kim Jung-Un expressed opposition to his nephews regime and was soon after assassinated, an order coming from his own nephew. Yesterday, Un’s half brother Kim Jung-Nam was murdered in an airport in Kuala Lumpur. Nam had already been living in exile for years and had been lucky enough to preserve his life this long. The order for his assassination was given in 2011 when Un took over North Korea for his late father. Nam presented zero threat to Un and his regime, but the assassination was rather a reflection of Un’s paranoia.

Nam’s mother was a prominent actress who was forced to divorce her first husband, leave her family and marry Un and Nam’s father Kim Jung-Il. After she fell out of favor with the dictator and was exiled to Russia, Nam was quickly succeeded by Un as his fathers favorite child and obvious heir to power. Since Un has taken over he has killed hundreds of people, including government officials, that have expressed any opposition to his regime. This situation places intense pressure on Washington to decide if North Korea will be put back on the list of states who sponsor terrorism. They were originally removed from that list years ago, a deal that aimed to curtail their nuclear program. With this now being the second family member assassinated by the dictator, I think Washington has an obligation to put them back on the list of nations that sponsor terrorism and possibly look into tightening up sanctions against North Korea.

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