Trump is in an important position to affect the potential two state solution to the issues between Israelis and Palestinians. Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has continued to expand Jewish settlements into the West Bank. He has legalized these settlements in the West Bank, but requiring that payment be given to Palestinian owners of the land. Netanyahu is pushing for expansion, but with there are serious consequences to these actions.

By expanding Jewish settlements into the West Bank, Netanyahu is putting the democracy of the Jewish State at risk. If he overreaches, Netanyahu may risk making the issue about morality and not politics. This expansion could become a divisive issue among Jewish communities worldwide. It would eliminate the potential for a two state solution with many international consequences.
Trump stands in a position to affect the outcomes of this struggle. If Trump were to tell Netanyahu to not expand beyond the blocks designs by the two state solution, he could use his political power to enact real change. Trump is in a position to prevent a real divide among Jews and protect the democracy in Israel.

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