Looking at the economy within the United States, and internationally, we can see an upward growth. Many point the finger towards Donald Trump, saying he is responsible for this positive growth. Donald Trump is responsible for some of the growth, especially the decreasing costs of the oil industry. He, in hand with Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries have been able to cut production costs, leading to cheaper oil purchases by the barrel. He additionally has increased oil rigs in the United States by 80%. Recent business analysts are also giving praise to President Trump for for the soaring stock prices and recent small-business growth. However, Trump cannot take responsibility for the international growth as there are numerous contributing factors to each individual nations growth.

Even though the Trump Administration has made some errors in their first month of presidency, we do see an impressive amount of change already happening. Although some may be bad, there is a definite increase in the business/economy section of the Nation which was one of his election promises. It will be interesting to see if this growth will become stagnant or if this next presidential term will continue positively.


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