As a male under the age of 25, I find that my car insurance rates are significantly higher than my other family members. This has long been the case as younger drivers as statistically riskier and thus are charged higher premiums. However, car insurance rates have begun to rise faster than expected for all age groups due to the increased use of smartphones in the car. How many people use their phone while driving is extremely hard to measure, but State Farm Insurance runs an annual survey to try and gauge this. In their 2015 survey, 20% of drivers admitted to taking photos with their phone while driving, and 10% admitted to recording video. These are self-reported statistics, so the variance on these numbers is worth considering, but it makes a valid point that too many people are engaging in this unsafe behavior.


In the last five years, insurance rates have risen 16%. In past years, the expectation was that rates would flatten or even decline due to increased safety technology in vehicles. Unfortunately, this has not occurred due to increased smartphone technology. For anyone who uses their phone while driving, please know that it is very risky and unsafe to do so. And on top of that, you’re paying more and more each year to compensate for this behavior.

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