Wayne Shaw ate a pie during a highly televised soccer match. His nickname is the “Roly Poly Goalie”, and let’s just say he is quite large. He hasn’t had any food that day yet, and he was hungry.  It seems, although a little strange, like an innocent act. Shaw is just the backup goalie and with his large size he probably does need a lot of food.

22sutton-web-superjumbo(Photo by -Andrew Couldridge/Reuters)

However the story becomes complicated due to a bet that was placed on whether or not Shaw would eat during the match. Shaw admits that he may have known that people would benefit from his snack. As a result, in order to maintain the integrity of sports, Shaw had to resign from his club. As somebody who hasn’t done a lot of gambling, I realize that my view may be skewed, but I do wonder if something innocent and fun like this has an impact on the integrity of sports. Shaw’s actions didn’t change the outcome of the game, and he was hungry anyways. Should he have to quit his club for his actions?

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