President Trump has chosen H. R. McMaster as his new National Security Adviser, almost a week after the former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, stepped down over a scandal involving withheld information from a call with Russia’s ambassador. Many Republicans are happy with Trump’s choice for a few reasons. First, they consider McMaster a capable military strategist. General McMaster served in both the Persian Gulf War and the second Iraq war and was instrumental in turning around the Iraq war by using counterinsurgency tactics. Second, McMaster has essentially no ties to Trump and has been known to criticize his leaders, including both the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Vietnam War and President George W. Bush during the Iraq war. Many Republicans view this critical attitude as a plus because he’ll be able to stand up to Trump and loudly disagree with any policies he doesn’t believe are beneficial to the United States. Lastly, General McMaster is not a career politician and in fact has little experience in handling Washington politics. Though some may view this as worrisome, I personally think it’s important to have someone with such vastly different experience and perspective. General McMaster has been known to challenge conventional thinking and think outside the box, and I believe his advice will make a great addition to the National Security Council.

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