25israel-superjumboPhoto credit: New York Times

The “standard model” of space acceleration that has been accepted for over 2 decades is now being questioned. Recent measurements of the distances and expansion of far away galaxies suggest that the universe is expanding much more quickly than we thought. While some scientists argue that this discovery might not be valid, others are excited by the thought of learning more about the subject. So what does this mean for science? It doesn’t just mean that we will discover more about dark matter and particle phsyics, but also that the rising generation of scientists has some serious work to do. Though we are always learning more about science because new issues become prevalent and evolution broadens the boarders of exploration, discrepencies like this are giving new scientists the opportunity to rediscover the theories that have been generally accepted for years. Because the universe is constantly changing, we will never know everything, but with prompts like these, we can at least try.

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