Milo Yiannopoulos, reporter, speaker, and author who has thus far made his career as a voice of the alt-right, resigned from his post at Breitbart News after an interview in which he appears to endorse relationships between adults and children resurfaced. The interview was dug up by a conservative group in anticipation of Milo’s speaking slot at a famous conservative conference. He was uninvited from the conference and also lost a book deal.

His comments referred to Catholic priest’s sexual abuse of children and remarked that he felt it was perfectly acceptable and that he was even grateful for it. He then criticized our culture for demonizing men who have relationships with young boys. As one would expect, the backlash over these comments have come far and wide – from the left, right, and center.

In my opinion, Milo is someone who pushes the boundaries of free speech in order to prove a point. His point has always been that the government should not infringe on anyone’s right to express themselves. He has amassed a cult following of sorts, but this time has obviously taken it too far. I also believe that words alone are usually not enough to jeopardize someone’s legal standing, but one’s standing with the public is a different matter. It is likely that Milo’s career will never be the same.

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