Recently the EU has created a task force composed of 11 members to combat what they refer to as “Russia’s disinformation campaigns.” Basically the team members are in charge of tracking down fake reports and debunking them. It has become increasingly hard for the teams to track down every story with the reach that Facebook and Google have. While they are after all fake reports, they are specifically combatting Russia. They feel that Russia is putting information out there that is not giving voters proper knowledge to understand issues correctly. Damian Collins, a British politician in charge of a similar investigation said that fake news could “eventually undermine our democratic institutions.”

Fake news is a problem in this world and I respect the EU for setting up a task force to do this. The article doesn’t mention specifics so I’m interested in how they are doing this because it is such a large problem and 11 people don’t seem nearly enough. Lately it has seemed that Russia is becoming more and more bold with countries claiming to have been targeted by Russia so I’m curious what their response to all of this and wonder how far they will go with this.

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