Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been staking out for foreigners all over the United States, including a church in Virginia where immigrants had gone to stay warm, and courthouses in Colorado and Texas. In New York, passengers on airlines  had to show their documentation before even getting off the plane. This is a dramatic plan of the Trump administration to arrest and deport undocumented immigrants. Already the task has fallen to the ICE agents , and the time of focusing on hard criminals is past. In the past, they were not allowed to arrest these immigrants, but times have changed. They even avoid approaching them in their homes, preferring to apprehend the immigrants in public spaces to avoid upsetting the families. This tactic does not always work.

With these new changes, the question of how ethical the practice is arises. Should we not be focusing more on criminals rather than people who are trying to escape from a bad situation in their own country? While this is not always the case, perhaps a more lenient rather than stringent security measure would alleviate the problem for immigrants who are coming for this cause. Security needs to be shifted, to allow those who are coming for the same purpose as many of our own ancestors came– that is, for a better life– while only keeping out those who wish harm on the country. The Trump administration seems to have trouble distinguishing the two, and this seems to be a blatant attack on all immigrants.