These past 18 months many new leaders too office in Latin American countries. Ecuador is going to face a runoff this April for its new president. In Ecuador, the government candidate, Lenin Moreno, is leading the votes in the first election day, last Sunday. Lenin Moreno is the candidate from current president’s party. I think that the current president Rafael Correa has lead this country to a great economic, social and political stability. Many Ecuadorians who left the country in the previous years to Correa’s presidency, has returned to Ecuador. Another big issue that Correa criticized during his presidency was the conflict of interest in the media business. Also, Mr. Correa and his leftist party combined has been very supportive to others left leaders in the region. Correa’s attitude in social issues was very important dealing with environmentalist during the boom of the commodities. Correa leaves the country in good shape for the next years. He has a big support and approbation from the common people that many of his neighbor leaders would wish to have. He could have run for more years in office like other left regular parties and turning the country into an autocracy, but he is going to leave the office for another leader to take his place which is a good sing for the people. Finally, the favorable results and responds to Lenin Moreno this last Sunday elections were because of Correa’s administration.