Photo Credit: New York Times

This week, Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani were insulted by Adam W. Purinton. He called them a combination of racial slurs and then suggested that they were outsiders in this countries. Customers from the bar where they were sitting began to complain and Purinton was tossed out. A few minutes later, he came back armed and shot the two Indian men and another 24-year-old who tried to defend them. Out of the sutaiton were born everyday heroes- people who took their shirts off to stop the bleeding, and others who helped in various ways. Despite their help, only Madasani survived the shooting. Some say the attack was fueled by Trump’s strong opinions on immigration and the recent development of new policies concerning them. The community, led by Madasani’s forgiving example, are determined to keep their home peaceful and not cause any more pain than has already come about because of the incident. Mayor Michael Copeland encouraged them by saying, “One evil act does not divide a united community.” Does this one event reflect the increased tension towards immigrants within our country or not? Should we do anything about it?

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