doctors-hospital-design-master768When one of your loved ones is sick or injured, you accompany them to the hospital in hopes that you will see them receive top-notch medical attention that will get them back to normal health. Luckily for us here in the United States, we have many incredibly talented doctors who specialize in all different fields that are available to take care of us and cure our ailments. However, this article which was written by a current medical school resident, sheds light on one of the biggest problems with American healthcare today: the physical organization and upkeep of our hospitals. Design flaws within the hospitals make it so infected patients have to lie in the same room as patients with other infections and they end up sharing their diseases which leads to longer hospital stays and even death. Simple navigation through the hospital rooms and hallways is far too difficult for patients who are often disoriented by pain or medication. Bad lighting, wet and slippery floors and even toilets that are too high or too low are just a few of the current conditions in hospitals that make it difficult for a patient to be comfortable and ultimately get better quicker. Lastly, decentralized nursing stations, incredibly high average noise and inconveniently placed elevators make for an undesirable patient experience which actually has been proven to lead to longer hospital stays and longer recovery times. In summary, there is a lot of change that needs to happen in order to improve our health systems.

With all of the technological advances in the medical field and all the miracles happening in modern medicine, it seems like we should be able to design our hospitals in a more efficient and patient-friendly way. It is interesting to read an article such as this one because it causes you to think about all the negative aspects of healthcare in America today. Obviously our healthcare systems and facilities will never run perfectly, there will always be some sort of problem because that’s the nature of it, but after reading this article I now see just how much room there is for improvement. In reality, we have some of best doctors in the most state of the art facilities in the world and for that I am very grateful. However, I am very interested to follow this topic and see how healthcare professionals and hospital administrators choose to fix these prevalent problems in the future

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