In the last two months the United States military has stepped up the offensive against terrorist groups. A few weeks ago we saw an Al Qaeda leader killed in Yemen by a group of Navy Seals, and it was reported that this morning the no. 2 ranking official in the Al Qaeda leadership has been terminated. This time by drone strike in northern Syria, Abu al-Khayr al-Masri, the son in law to Al Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden, was killed while traveling in his car, according to top military officials and reports on jihadist social media. Top officials are calling this the most important step in extinguishing this terror group since the killing of Al Qaeda’s no. 2 ranking official in 2015 in Yemen.

President Trump has stated very explicitly on multiple occasions that he intends to eliminate radical islamic terrorism, something that has plagued the world for years now. While we have seen a massive decline in ISIS as far as membership and territory controlled by the group, Al Qaeda is still a very relevant threat that must be terminated as well. Because of the controversy about putting more American troops on the ground to fight in places like Syria, I think that drone strikes are an effective way to continue fighting these terror groups without putting more American lives in danger.