trumpPhoto via CNN.

Keeping with presidential tradition, President Trump met prior to his first address to Congress to give reporters what has typically been a preview of what can be expected during his speech. In response to a question about immigration, Trump surprised everyone by speaking of a potential immigration bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to remain in the US. He made sure to include that such a bill would be a “compromise” between the two sides and could potentially upset some of the conservative voters who supported him. The off-script remarks did not make it into his speech later that day but it seems unlikely they will be forgotten. The idea stands in stark contrast to his previous notion of building a wall between the Southern and Mexican borders and his travel ban against immigrants from six foreign countries.

Perhaps even more surprising was the optimism presented during his address to Congress.The speech included the acknowledgement of a deceased US Navy SEAL’s wife, the condemnation of recent threats to Jewish community centers, and tax reform focused at providing relief for middle class citizens. Following the speech, many noted the absence of the explosive-ranting that has now been closely associated with the President. Debate remains regarding what will come of the mention of such an immigration reform – some believe it is something Trump plans to follow through on while others are forming theories his comment were merely a distraction invoking the element of surprise to keep the eyes on Trump and Trump alone. While one can always hope for the best, the only reliable answer for the moment is one of uncertainty knowing that no one really knows what the President’s thought process is.

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