Trump’s address to a joint session of congress last night was anticipated by many, simply to see what he was going to do next. Some of the anticipation was full of dread and apprehension, since the media seems to be filled with the crazy things that Trump has done or may have done day after day.

The New York Times did a package full of different articles about how the speech was received, and I found the most interesting article to be the one with responses from both sides of the political world. In short, there was a lot of surprise. People who were adamantly against Trump still don’t love him, but were shocked to see him acting more like a president than they’ve seen before. He certainly wasn’t perfect – still filled with doom and terror – but he was able to address things in a more politically friendly way. That was the general consensus, at least.

I watched only a bit of the speech last night and was surprised to see Trump so…controlled. He’s certainly an enigma, and that makes the future a little scary, but it was nice to see the Times showing slightly more neutrality with this article.

Check it out here.