24somalia2-jumboI cannot resist highlighting the newest article and news from Somalia. For a number of reasons including positive media portrayal, hope in uncorrupt government, and good news in general, I find it critical to understand the situation in Somalia and President Mohamed’s nomination for Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire.

President Mohamed’s capture of the electorate, pledge to fight corruption, and bold action to immediately carry out his pledges has brought hope for change in a nation that has been engulfed and splintered by violence and corruption. Nominee Khaire is of similar international background as the new president in that he holds dual citizenship and international experience. Mr. Khaire has worked in Norway and England in high-ranking positions of business and government. He headed the Norwegian Refugee Council and was the executive director for Africa for Soma Oil and Gas in London.

Some see Mr. Khaire’s involvement with the oil industry as a conflict of interest with the position of prime minister. However, his aid work in Norway produces much confidence in his ethics and vision as a leader. Overall, trusting in Mr. Mohamed’s choice of prime minister is a large factor in the validity and honesty of the nominee. This shift in governance towards young, bright minds with a broad range of international business and government will optimistically prove to be the turning point for Somalia.

If all this optimism pans out in Somalia, President Mohamed and his administration will stand as a beacon for hope for all of Africa. If a nation that is commonly ranked the most corrupt in the world can make its way out of corruption, poverty, and terrorist strongholds then anyone can do it. Mr. Mohamed will prove that honest politics and governance coupled with the will to stand up to corruption and terrorism can actually spark needed change. I am excited and anxious to see where the new president takes Somalia.

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