Despite repeated promises to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act enacted by President Obama in 2010, Republicans have been unable to come up with a plan that the party can unite behind. There have been many surface-level solutions, but these have only led to divisions in the party as hard-line conservatives establish their ground as to what the solution is. The current plan to offer tax credits based on age is unlikely to make it any farther because Republican groups are already taking a stand against it. What I find interesting is how the new plans are being created by politicians and not health insurers themselves. It would make sense that the companies that have been in the trenches with Obamacare and who know what a solution could look like should be a part of the conversation. However, President Trump has only had one meeting with a combined group of insurers to discuss the issue. I think a greater amount of success as well as bipartisan support could emerge from a better coalition of creators that includes those who know the ins and outs of insuring millions of people. Otherwise, we will continue to see articles like this where Republicans are at odds because only some of the key issues are being discussed.

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