It is always heartbreaking to hear about the killing of innocent people, and right now it is an all-too-common story to hear.

One pregnant woman’s husband was recently shot in front of her.

ISIS has been targeting Christians in Egypt in the past few weeks in order to create fear. Many people are fleeing their homes and heading to churches and other places. As ISIS grows in the Sinai, and continues to perform horrible acts in Iraq and Syria, it is difficult not to feel fearful or lose hope. I think it is important to remember that amidst all the conflict, even though we may be helpless to travel to the scene of the terror and stop the violence, that we can lift where we stand. We need to focus on loving our neighbors and teaching love in our families. We need to look for opportunities every moment of our lives to serve and to choose love over hate. In the end, love is the only way to overcome all the encroaching hate.