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Studies in 2013-2014 suggested that only 3 in every 1,000 Zika pregnacies resulted with babies that had the typical defects: small heads of microcephaly, brain abnormalities, eye defects, or problems having to do with the central nervous system. This year, however, results showed the same sympotoms but 2o times more common with about 60 defected babies for every 1,000 births. There are some aspects of the data that may skew the reality of the results. For example, not every woman who has Zika is part of the recent study and some tests may have been inaccurate. In Washington, D.C., many of the tests are being redone in order to evaluate the situation on a more legitimate basis. Either way it seems that the influence of Zika is dramatically increasing and it may be that moving forward it should be getting more attention than it is currently. With something like this sneaking up on us, what other dangers aren’t we seeing?

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