The Secretary General of the United Nations landed in Somalia earlier today to plead with the international community for over $800 million dollars in aid to relieve the country that has been placed by drought, famine and rapidly spreading disease. The $800 million is said to be for around 5.5 million people who have been affected by over 2 years of drought now. The Secretary General is so adamant about enlisting the help of the international community because the last time there was a declared drought and famine in Somalia was in 2011, when more than 260,000 people died as a result. The drought has taken a toll on crops and livestock, with one farmer saying in just 3 months he has lost 60 camels and 180 goats. Not only is there a lack of water and food, but deadly strains of cholera have struck infecting more than 7,700 people and killing at least 200 people so far.

Some individual countries have already donated money and resources to help prevent the deaths of potentially millions of people in Somalia, but the international community needs to act quickly in allocating more resources to fighting this tragedy. The Somali government is doing all in its power with its limited resources, however that is not nearly enough to properly address how widespread the problem really is.