Being able to study a supernova for so long is a huge step forward in the Astronomy community. Although it takes a star about 15 million years to actually explode into a supernova, being able to see one, especially with the naked eye, is huge. This teaches us so much about stars, especially because we have had the same stars in our sky since the beginning of time. This teaches Astronomers so many things, like the logistics behind stars and how exactly they blow up and the different elements involved, which could also show us about the creation/end of our universe.

Although this doesn’t seem like something that would directly effect our every day lives, it is where we came from. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and it is how it all started, a very dense cloud of hydrogen exploding. We are made up of hydrogen, which is why we are made of “star stuff,” and this is significant because it would be amazing to see the other types of things that are made of “star stuff.”